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“As a former prosecutor who successfully convicted Frenchy Brouillette, I found Mr. New Orleans to be one hell of an entertaining read. Matthew Randazzo V has hilariously brought to life some of the most interesting, compelling, and wild characters in Louisiana's colorful history."

Bob Livingston, Retired Congressman and U.S. Attorney


"Mr. New Orleans is a rollicking, disturbing ride through the underbelly of a bygone New Orleans, lined with moments of dark, side-splitting hilarity. If you're a fan of James Lee Burke, drop what you're reading and pick this one up. In an era when popular wisdom tells us T.V. has stolen all depth from the literary true-crime narrative, Matthew Randazzo has found a way to beat that trend mightily; he's gone straight to the source and captured the singular, confounding voice of the New Orleans' mafia's top political fixer with fast-paced, riveting prose and a fine journalist's eye for detail."

Chris Rice, New York Times Bestselling Author


"Baby, if you enjoy fascinating stories about shy pimps coming to New Orleans and getting into all sorts of adventures and meeting a true cast of Southern characters, all the while having a hell of a time and somehow living to tell the often-sordid and dangerous tale, then you've come to the right place: Mr. New Orleans by Frenchy Brouillette and Matthew Randazzo V. Loved it! Frenchy, you free for a drink?"

Mike Sacks, Author of Stinker Lets Loose and Vanity Fair Editor


"Mr. New Orleans is a total knockout: Take everything you ever imagined about the sleazy good times to be had in New Orleans -- the sleazy good times capital of America -- and quadruple it, and you have a hint of what's inside these sticky pages."

Bill Tonelli, Author of The Italian-American Reader and Editor for Esquire.


"Mr. New Orleans is a superbly-written three-decade tour of Sin City’s underworld told in the voice of a man who clearly enjoyed the ride."

Jed Babbin, Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense and Washington Times Columnist.


"Mr. New Orleans is one seamy, steamy, exhilarating, and captivating excursion through the netherland of the Mardi Gras Mafia, populated with a larger than-than-life cast of history-making misfits, none moreso than narrator Frenchy Brouilette himself. An American original with a lifetime of fabulous misbehavior, Frenchy tells all and, almost as an aside, fuels the fires on the JFK assassination. Kudos and thanks to crime historian Matthew Randazzo V for bringing forth Frenchy’s remarkable life and to Frenchy for just being Frenchy. The most refreshing criminal memoir I’ve seen in years.”

Rick Mattix, author of The Complete Public Enemy Almanac




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